Useful Homework Ideas For 4th Grade: 8 Points To Consider

As children get older, the amount of homework that they receive only increases. For parents, doing schoolwork can seem like a nightly battle. Rather than give up, parents should use the following eight tips for accomplishing schoolwork.

  1. Let Them Know Why
  2. Although they may be young, children still want to know why they have to do something. By explaining the purpose of doing the work, parents make it a little easier for the student to bear the boredom that comes with doing work.

  3. Set Up a Space for Schoolwork
  4. It is amazing how much time can be wasted looking for a calculator, crayons or markers. Instead of wasting time, parents should set up a desk or a specific space that is only for doing schoolwork. Everything related to school should be put in this space so that the child does not have to look for anything.

  5. Rethink the Issues
  6. Before assuming that the student is lazy, parents should rethink their behavior. If only one subject or concept is hard for the student, there is an excellent chance that the child misbehaves because they do not understand that concept.

  7. Create Consequences
  8. In school, the student will ace consequences if they do not complete their work. At home, parents are often more relaxed than the child's teachers. To get the student to pay attention, parents need to set consequences, rewards and punishments just like the teacher. It may not be fun to be the disciplinarian, but it will help to get schoolwork done.

  9. Grade the Work
  10. Before allowing the child to go to school, parents should go through their work. A basic grading system like a happy face, sad face or okay face is an easy way to motivate the child to do well on their homework. It sounds ridiculous, but getting one sad face on an assignment can motivate a child that young.

  11. Set a Routine
  12. Children are creatures of habit. If they get used to doing assignments at a set time each day, they will not fight it as much.

  13. Make a To-Do List
  14. If the child is easily overwhelmed, parents should make a to-do list for everything that needs to be accomplished. As each item is checked off the list, the child can put a smiley face next to the task.

  15. Remove Distractions
  16. Very few people are able to focus well when there are distractions present. To make schoolwork easier, parents should turn off any television shows, music or cell phones.

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