Top 10 Little-Known Facts Against Homework

It is well known that many students detest having to do work outside of lesson times; however, many teachers and parents are also against the idea, and would rather that students were not set any additional work to do. In fact, there are many reasons as to why people might be against the need for students to do extra work, with some reasons outlined below.

  1. Many students feel overloaded already and the extra work is too much
  2. Many students will already have to study for exams, and to a wide range of other things as part of the academic studies, and will feel that any extra work is simply too much of a burden.

  3. The internet enables students to plagiarize work easily
  4. Students can find a wide range of different articles, as well as information on online encyclopedias, which enables them to plagiarize individual sections after their work quickly and easily, thus making the concept of doing work at home redundant.

  5. There are free essay samples available online for students to download
  6. In fact, as well as plagiarizing individual sections of the work, it is possible for students to find free samples to download, which can be used in the event that the need to write an essay.

  7. Youngsters can pay fellow students to do the work
  8. Some students will pay classmates to do the work for them, which again makes the whole concept of doing work at home redundant.

  9. Students can look at and copy the work of their friends
  10. As well as paying classmates to do work, others will simply copy what friends have done

  11. Parents often do the work to help their children get better grades
  12. Some students essay will be so concerned that their child does well that they will do the work for them, thus making a pointless exercise.

  13. Students can pay for pre-written or bespoke essays and answers
  14. As well as finding free samples on the Internet, students can pay for prewritten work, or even bespoke samples created by professionals, which again makes the whole process redundant.

  15. It can create inequality for students without computers and other technology
  16. With some students having the latest computers and other technology, whilst others may not have anything, doing work at home can create inequalities.

  17. Students feel they have nobody to ask for help when they get stuck
  18. Do the work can be tickly stressful for any student when they get stuck, as they may have no one to turn to in order to ask for help.

  19. It uses a lot of free time for teachers who need to mark the work
  20. Finally, teaches spend many hours marking the work, both during the daytime and evening. In fact, the long hours means that some teachers will even leave the profession.

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