Is It Time To Ban Homework: 7 Reasonable Arguments

There is a time for everything. When it comes to assignments, there are different cases when challenges are faced by the students. It is important to try and address some of these issues. Assignments must not always be a challenge for students. Sadly, there are disadvantages of taking home some homework that people tend to ignore.

For so many years there have been proponents of banning assignments, and they do have valid reasons. The following are some of the reasonable arguments that have been shared in the past about assignments, and it might be time to look at some of them keenly:

Time consuming

More often than not this is the part about assignments that we tend to ignore, the fact that they consume a lot of time. By the time the student is done with some of these tasks, they tend to have no time on their hands to do other things. Some even end up working late into the night, at the expense of their sleep.

Overload of work

Without the proper channels, it becomes difficult to set the standard for assigning some of these tasks. There comes a time when a student has too much work on their plate that they do not know what or how to go about it. In such situations, they need someone to do my homework online for them, but not every student knows where to look for help.

Too much stress

It is no secret that giving the students too much work can and will in some cases end up stressing them too much. As a result of this reason, it is important to address this issue too.

Put too much pressure on the students

When handing out some of these tasks there is normally a lot of pressure on the students to perform. This can be detrimental to their growth.

Lack of focus

With too much work to do, it becomes difficult for the average student to focus on their work. This is because they do not know how to prioritize on the same.

Losing touch with the family

Students do need to make sure that they interact with their families when they get back home in the evening. This is good to foster their growth, but with too much work to do, it can be one hell of a challenge.

Affects the morale

There is the detrimental effect that these tasks have on the student especially when they are not able to get the grades that they think they deserve.

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